2019 Uniting Harris Centre & Mustard Seed

Christmas In Pyrmont were delighted to donate $20,000 from the 2019 event to the Uniting Harris Centre and Mustard Seed.

With the support from Christmas in Pyrmont we established a new Toy Library (Ultimo Toy Exchange https://ultimotoyexchange.org/ ), we supplied with much need food items and toiletries our Material Aid and Emergency Food Support Service, obtained school supplies and supermarket gift cards for our Christmas Appeal 2019 and helped completing the funds necessary to repair the MustardSeed Church spire.

Material Aid, Emergency Food Support Service, Christmas Gift Appeal 2019 – $7000

We provided material aid and emergency food support for people experiencing homelessness and other individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet. A constant supply of essential items where purchased. Donations were also used to buy school supplies for more than 60 children from disadvantaged families that participated in the Christmas Appeal 2019.

Ultimo Toy Exchange – $7000

We purchased enough toys and resources necessary to launch our local toy library, for more details please visit our website https://ultimotoyexchange.org/. This library is available to all families, especially those on a low income, access to a large variety of toys.

Christmas in Pyrmont financial support helped us build brand new cabinets to store the toys, purchase educational toys and resources. We now have a collection of over 400 toys in our catalogue.

Ultimo Toy Exchange

Mustard Seed Ultimo Uniting Church Spire – $6000

Christmas in Pyrmont’s financial support helped us reach the funds needed to start the reparations.

After detailed investigation with the help of multiple engineers and a heritage architectural consultant, it was discovered the main issue was the deterioration of the internal roof that sits just below the spire.

There has been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing with Sydney City Council regarding conditions of the DA and building certification. However, the work has begun and should be completed soon.

The many required reports and highly specialized consultant have delayed the work and cost more than we could have anticipated. But the key work is being done first and the remainder of the tidy up of the stone work will be completed once the internal roof is replaced and made water tight.

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