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Working together for many years to support the general community of Ultimo Pyrmont and in particular those most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

How Christmas in Pyrmont financial support will be distributed

With the support from Christmas in Pyrmont Inc, we aim to establish a new Toy Library, continue important and much needed programs such as the Material Aid and Emergency Food Support Service, Christmas Appeal 2019 and help repair the MustardSeed Church spire.

Material Aid, Emergency Food Support Service, Christmas Gift Appeal 2019

We provide a material aid and emergency food support service for people experiencing homelessness and other individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet. Donations that we receive will go to securing a constant supply of essential items which frequently run out. Donations will also go towards the Christmas Appeal 2019 to purchase school supplies for children.

To see more on the Christmas Appeal click here

Ultimo Toy Exchange

We aim to provide a bank of toys and educational resources for children 0 to 5 from which families can borrow. This library will give all families, especially those on a low income, access to a larger variety of toys. We also aim to combat through the Toy Library the modern ‘throw away’ culture and help reduce plastic toy waste.

Financial support will go to helping with the set-up and maintenance of the toy library. We also need to build a brand new shed to store the toys, purchase educational toys and resources.

MustardSeed Ultimo Uniting Church Spire

For a number of years, due to significant leaks during heavy rain, the sandstone arches that hold the spire of the church have been eroding. They need to be repaired in a timely manner before the situation renders the building unsafe for use.

The repairs will include work to restore the sandstone arches that hold the spire as well as re-cladding the spire and making it watertight to protect it from future damage by water incursions.

Harris Centre 2019

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