Ultimo Public School 2021 Report

It was with immense gratitude that we received $33,500 from Christmas in Pyrmont to support the Years 3-6 music program at Ultimo Public School.

At Ultimo Public School we believe that music education for our students helps them to express and engage with emotions, as well as supporting learning in other areas. The music program allows every child in Years 3-6 to own a musical instrument and to engage in weekly professional music tuition.

In 2022 our school has partnered with Amplify to deliver weekly music tuition to our students. Students learn in a small group environment so that tutors can target their teaching to the individual needs of the students.

The goal for every child to experience the love and joy that performing in front of an audience brings, is grand but we are confident that with ongoing support that this will become a reality.

The funds have been utilised to subsidise the cost of the program for every child in Years 3-6; to subsidise the cost of an instrument for every child; and to cover the costs for those families who are experiencing financial difficulty.

We look forward to the inviting our local community to our first performance.

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