Ultimo Public School Music Program

Ultimo Public School is a dynamic and vibrant school situated on the southern fringe of the Sydney CBD and Darling Harbour, the Eora Nation. Our school supports 410 wonderfully diverse students and we nurture a sense of belonging and participation, where all levels of success are encouraged and celebrated. There is a strong focus on wellbeing as students are supported through a range of programs and initiatives

In 2021, we partnered with Heartdancers to introduce a classical music program for our students. Our vision is to create a Years 3-6 orchestra that promotes, patience, responsibility, confidence, connections and a love of learning.

Our school recognises that music tuition is not widely available to many families. This program aims to ensure equity in access to music tuition for every student at our school. Every child from Year 3 will have their own musical instrument and will learn to play alongside their peers. We will celebrate their achievements through performances for the school and wider community.

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