Ultimo Public School


Ultimo Public School educates children with complex needs and receives funding for Learning and Support and Low Level adjustment for Disability.

We educate children with diagnosed disabilities: many receive no direct aid from government. Their needs include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Expressive/Receptive Language Disorder, Intellectual disabilities and Emotional Disturbances. Our Learning Support team also manages undiagnosed learning and emotional issues.

Some students who receive adjustments in their learning programs are allocated School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs) to provide classroom assistance. Formerly known as teachers’ aides, these skilled and dedicated people provide one-on-one support both in learning and in school routines.

Support from Christmas in Pyrmont will help us employ SLSOs for more hours. We will also use some of the donation for individual case management of children who need specialist practitioners. We can sponsor families whose children need a Speech and Language assessment from a Speech Pathologist, and we can also support Speech Pathology. We may also need to offer financial support for Audiologist interventions or Behavioural Optometrists.

In brief, financial support will assist us to help students who need learning adjustments, as well as specialist treatments.

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